Energy and wind power composite panels are produced for rotor blades, nacelles, and turbine housings. Rigid panels can also be used as backing for solar panels and other platforms that require additional strength. CPT energy and wind power composite panels can also be designed to be ultra-flat for applications where precision panels are required.

Using lightweight composite panels allows for easier and more efficient installation, thereby reducing production costs and increasing throughput. CPT panels are rot resistant and stable in most environments making them suitable to applications where a long life cycle with low maintenance is required.

CPT composite panels offer the widest range of core and skin materials in the industry to provide custom solutions to the wind power and alternative energy industry. CPT panels can be supplied in raw sheet form, cut for profiles and sizes, or fitted with edge trimming to make them a finished assembly. Our highly experienced sales and engineering teams can assist you in choosing the best composite panel or panel system to meet your requirements.

Benefits of using CPT Energy and Wind Power Composite Panels

  • Lightweight, strong, and durable
  • Manufactured with precision tolerances for flatness and dimensions
  • Quick and easy to assemble – reduces costs and increases throughput
  • Pre finished, UV stabilized, and seamless finish options
  • Easily repairable
  • Lamination size capability up to 55’
  • Wide variety of material options
  • In house engineering staff to provide responsive design solutions
  • ISO certified
  • Multiple locations to serve all of North America
  • Experienced composite panel laminators and assemblers with a proven track record of quality workmanship and innovative design.

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