At CPT, we specialize in engineering honeycomb composite panels into tailored systems that seamlessly integrate into your final product assembly. From adding extrusions to intricate cut-outs, installing hardware, or providing custom manufacturing services, we customize composite panel systems to meet your specific needs and specifications.

Experience the benefits of CPT composite panel systems:

  • Strengthen trucks, vans, boats, and more, while reducing weight and increasing durability.
  • Enhance heat and sound insulation for doors, floors, and ceilings.
  • Improve performance across a wide range of high-tech products.

Our lightweight composite flooring panels find applications in transportation, construction, and architecture, while our high-performance solutions cater to diverse industries and applications.

Examples of our solutions include:

  • Transportation systems: truck and van bodies, emergency vehicles, buses, trains, recreational vehicles, campers, aftermarket sleeper boxes, storage containers, and shipping containers.
  • Marine systems: workboats and interior walls.
  • High-tech systems: electronic whiteboards, printer beds, doors, floors, partitions, ceilings, clean rooms, modular shelters, and enclosures.
  • Marketing systems: tradeshow booths and billboards.

Our team of professional application experts is dedicated to working with you to determine your specific panel application requirements. Together, we’ll develop the ideal composite panel solution for your needs. Contact us at 1.866.274.2731 to get started.

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